Pittormie Fruit Farm

Pittormie Fruit Farm


Pittormie Fruit Farm is a small intensive family run farm situated in the heart of North East Fife. Our aim is to produce quality fresh food which has real flavour - so we try to keep the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum.

The Shop

The farm shop is stocked with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, alongside our superb free range eggs from our ‘gaun aboot hens’. Within the shop we stock our own range of jams, jellies, marmalade, chutney and lemon curd.  Also available is the Heather Ales range of fruit beers and Cairn O Mohr’s  range of fruit wines.

The Farm

There’s the opportunity to stop off at the farm and buy ready picked. We take orders of any size and can have these made up ready for collection. We can also supply fruit to the wholesale trade.

Our hens don’t stop laying when the fruit season finishes so the ‘Egg Shed’ is opened when the farm shop closes at the end of the summer. In the shed you can continue to get your fresh eggs as well as our potatoes, jams and winter vegetables. We freeze fruit when it is at it’s best in season to provide a supply right through the winter and spring.

Egg Shed

The season for the nursery begins in late April with the bedding plants individually grown for maximum flexibility of choice when filling tubs and hanging baskets.